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Our departments in the United States:
Delaware, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York

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How Does It Work?

Only 4 steps to get foreign goods!


Goods in any online store of the USA and send it to one of our locations. File your delivery request on hotel4box.

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Once goods are received we will check the content against your filing and send you a shipping invoice.


Make the payment for your shipping invoice on hotel4box and we will send the parcel.


We will ship the package to the customer's door or our pick-up point.

Benefits with hotel4box


Delivered goods and parcels for our
happy customers.

6 years

Hotel4Box has been working for
over 6 years and has more than
10k loyal customers.

5 days

Delivery to Mongolia from the US
warehouse is 5 working days.


We take care of the packaging,
customs clearance and delivery.

Orders combination

You can easily combine several
orders into one and save on
shipping. You can also divide the
order into several parcels.


You get 1 point for every $100
spent on shipping. You can pay
part of the shipping cost using
accumulated points.

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Example of the cost of delivery

clock image
0.5 kg
$15.00 *
toy imgage
1 kg
$16.05 *
shoes image
1.5 kg
$20.75 *
mixer image
2 kg
$26.25 *
* approximate cost

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Last reviews

16.11.2018 - Jang-mi, Korea
What a pleasure to receive these boxes! And of course you know what is inside,but you still open it as a Christmas gift. It was delivered quickly. And was packed well.Thank you, hotel4box!
10.10.2018 - Bolor B, Mongolia
Great Service! They delivered everything super-fast and competently! ☺️Courier delivered parcel at my place, I didn't even have to go anywhere.
23.08.2018 - William, Australia
At last delivered another package from USA. Everything is as always fast and safe:organization itself (always available online chat where they answer all my questions in afew seconds, help and give advice), fast delivery (12-20 days to Perth), quality of packaging, user-friendly personal account.
02.10.2018 - Xilin Gol, Mongolia
7 days and I have it! Package from "hotel4box" with the collection edition of Gravity Falls!It is packed beautifully, everything has come in its entirety, and the most important thing is that this wonderful publication is not delivered to Mongolia or delivered for huge money.